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We are Money Trasnfer Agency Specialised

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We will send your earnest money to your relatives, within a minute.

You can send your earnest money from our more than 600 NEC Money Transfer branches via more than 2000 branches of different bank in Bangladesh. Also our Client Care Centre is open 24/7.

Our Speciality


With NEC Money, cash can be transferred from one part of the world to another instantly. We also offer real time bank account transfers to selected payment network countries.

More Strong

With an ever-growing global network of over 100,000 agent locations across 90 countries, money can be received conveniently in any part of the world. We continue to partner with some of the most significant banks and financial institutions to further boost our reach around the world. Innovation is the key to convenience and we constantly innovate to provide new, better ways to send and receive money.

Real Value

While sending money with NEC Money, the customer pays less transfer charges and gets the best exchange rates. This way, the sender spends less and the receiver gets more.

More Innovative

Innovation has been key to our goal of making money transfers more convenient for people around the world. We have led the way into the new world of remittances by path breaking solutions. We launched Flash cash service, the world's first international mobile money transfer app from UK and worldwide. We are also coming up with an online money transfer platform that will redefine the way people send money.

One Stop Solution

24 X 7 customer support and online transaction tracker, to help you keep track of your money all day, every day anywhere around the world.

24/7 Support Center

Instant Cash Pic up

Instant Deposit to any Bkash Account (Through Leagal Way)

Bank Deposit within 2 (Two) Working Days

Online Money Transfer By using NEC Money App

This Service is Provided All Over The World.